Magnet Implants - The "Sixth Sense"

Thursday, March 22, 2012

In a Gizmodo article by Dann Berg, he relates his experiences with having a rare earth magnet implanted to his right pinkie. "Why," people frequently ask. Well, why not? There are obviously pro's and con's, such as the fact that you can do neat party tricks with your magnet (I can pick up bottle caps!), or the fact that you can't get an MRI done (Goodbye, dangerous living).

The procedure itself, Berg explains, took 15 to 20 minutes total. A surgeon slices open your finger, separates the tissue, inserts the magnet, wraps you back up, and you're good to go! But finding the surgeon (that is experienced and that you trust) is probably the hard part. However, having the magnet in you elicits a new type of feeling.

"I began to experience elements of an invisible world around me. When people discuss magnet implants giving a 'sixth sense,' this is what they're talking about. I was working retail at the time, and I believe the first thing I noticed was the vibrations from the fan inside the cash register. I could feel the invisible field, coming out of the side of the computer in a half-dome." Now, imagine having that ability walking around just, randomly finding magnetic fields underground, in the air, shopping in malls or visiting a bank.

But, that's not to say there's not another con lurking around the corner. "The magnet inside my finger is round and flat, so introducing an outside magnet with a different polar pull would cause my magnet to make a quick flip inside my finger. While this didn't hurt, it was (and still is) fairly uncomfortable. In addition, sometimes the magnet would get pulled on its side, sticking up and down rather than settling flat in my finger."

Read up on Berg's article to see how he's been living for the past 3 years with this implant. Blogger Nate has also had a magnetic implant in his finger (see x-ray below), and explains how he can feel industrial battery chargers, even!

Pictures: gizmodo, Nate's blog

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